Letter from the editor:

As of this writing we have two dates set for September, three for October and so far one for November.

My plan is to have no more than three dates/presentations per month. Also I would rather not schedule more than two months in advance, if possible.

As a result of the above and the fact that “we” are a “by request” Opera/Ballet House I need to make you aware of the fact that you need to be pro-active if you want to schedule an event.

If you send an email with a request we can a) either schedule right away or b) add it to the “Request Queue” if the calendar is currently full for the next couple months.

Stage set until mid-October!

Everyone was very enthusiastic about yesterday’s performance of  “Samson et Dalila” with Shirley Verrett and Plácido Domingo from the San Francisco Opera 1981… so much so we will be performing the same opera in a different production in early October.

As many of you know the great heroic tenor Jon Vickers passed away last month so to honor his memory we will be performing the 1981 Royal Opera House performance of “Samson et Dalila” with Jon Vickers and once again Shirley Verrett as the powerful and beautiful Dalila.

We have also added two more performances from our Queue:  Richard Strauss’s “Capriccio” with Renée Fleming and the “The Winter’s Tale” ballet after the Shakespeare play.


We can schedule two more performances for September!

     As of today – date stamped on this post – I have three performances in the “Queue” ready to be scheduled.  It is up to the folks who have asked for these performances to be pro-active to ensure they are scheduled in a timely manner…. You know the procedure…contact Bob – “SOH blah, blah, blah.”

     I try not to schedule beyond eight (8) weeks in advance to keep the schedule manageable.

     Currently August is full but I think we can add another couple performances in September…

     Access “Calendar” on this site to review available dates.



I keep learning more about “blogging” – at my very slow pace – and I believe we can have correspondence on this page.  It will continue to scroll with the most recent items at the top.

Feel free to comment and, heck, you can even request a performance on this page… I think.

We are starting up again on August 5th.